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Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars

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The purpose of the Family Medicine Foundation of West Virginia Grant Program is to support the promotion of projects and research of benefit to Family Practice. To be eligible to receive a Grant, the principal investigator or applicant must be either a family physician in West Virginia or must plan to conduct the study, event or project in West Virginia at one of the following locations:

  • An Approved Family Practice Residency Program in West Virginia
  • A Department of Family Medicine
  • A Family Practice organization or association or
  • A Family Practice office or Health Care Center


The grant application must be completed and submitted in the format described in the outline of the Application For Research Project Grant. Applications not submitted in the proper format or lacking the required signatures will not be considered.

Prior to the October budget approval meeting of the Family Medicine Foundation of West Virginia Finance Committee, the application will be sent to the members of the committee for their review. A decision concerning the application will be rendered at the committee meeting (pending Board approval).

The application will be reviewed based upon the following criteria:

  • Relevance to Family Practice
  • Justification of Funding by a Philanthropic Organization
  • Quality of the Study Design
  • Appropriateness of Data Analysis if Research
  • Appropriateness of Event or Function if Philanthropic
  • Cost vs. Benefit to Family Practice

If the application is part of a matching funds grant, the FMF of WV application should include a copy of the grant application to the other granting agency as well as a copy of the award notice from the other agency.

Funding Information

Most research-related expenses are allowable if properly justified. In addition, FMF of WV funds can only be used to support the direct costs of the research, event, study or function. FMF of WV funds cannot be used for indirect costs. Rebudgeting of funds is allowable with the approval of the Finance Committee. Funding is limited to one (1) year only. The maximum amount awarded will not exceed $5,000.

Principal Or Applicant Responsibilities

In addition to his/her responsibility to conduct the project, study or event described in the application, the applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the data and any reports resulting from the research. The investigator is also responsible for how the funds are actually used and for meeting all FMF of WV requirements. In addition, the applicant must:

  1. Provide the Grant Committee with a status report by September 15 each year indicating the current status of the project and any changes in procedure or timetable anticipated.

  2. Acknowledge the Family Medicine Foundation of West Virginia’s support in the final report or any resulting publications.

  3. Provide a brief summary report at the completion of the project.


  • Application: September 15 of Current Year
  • Decision on Funding: November 11 of Current Year
  • Funding Begins: By January 31 of Following Year

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